Psoas Stretcher

Pain relief & Posture Gain

TURQEZRA® Psoas Stretcher

As a Muscle Release and Stretch Tool

Deep Tissue Massage for Trigger Point

Targeted Back, Psoas Muscle, Hip Flexor, Piriformis

Nirvana for Your Psoas

  • Relieve psoas to gluteus area pain

  • Improve back posture

  • Release psoas muscle tightness

  • Reduce recovery time after exercise

  • Increase blood circulation

Help in just 5 - 10 min

Rest comfortably in an effortless perfect posture in your low back. Psoas stretcher rejuvenates and releases psoas muscle and hip flexor muscles in just 5-10 minutes.

Back and Hip Muscle Release Way

Muscle pain, fatigue and overuse, and bad posture are the most common causes of muscle spasms

Common in hip flexor, glute, psoas muscle, lower back, piriformis, rhomboid, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae, thoracolumbar fascial

Acupressure for Deep Tissue

There is a blank space in the middle that is protects the spine

14 big pressure points are massage deep tissue that like the fingers of a physical therapist by your weight while you lying down, to relieve muscle tension, adhesions and scar tissue in deeper muscles

Psoas Release Tool for Psoas Muscle Stretch

This psoas release tool is an arched psoas stretcher. It will stretch the upper and lower muscles and produce the effect of back traction

Cooperate with stretching exercises to relieve pain and tightness

Save Money

These most painful trigger points are deep in the tissue. Usually, a Chiropractor is needed or a good massage therapist. Once you have it in position your body weight will do the job. Save a lot of treatment costs.

High Quality

Made of EVA material, odorless

The pressure points are sturdy and high resilience which will not make bones uncomfortable like wood and plastic

Scope of application

Pressure Point Massage Area

  • rhomboid muscle

  • lower back

  • psoas iliacus

  • hip flexor

  • latissimus dors

  • gluteus area

  • piriformis

Versatile Fit

Psoas Stretcher fits most people and can be used by a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.

  • Height Range: 5' - 6' 6''

  • Max Weight: 300 lbs.

TUREQERZA® Psoas Stretcher

Psoas release / Massage Deep Tissues / Pain Relief